IMANA Endowment Fund

A Sadaqah Jariya (Continuing Charity)

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A Sadaqah Jariya (Continuing Charity)


Tradition teaches us that at the end of our lives we are remembered for three things: continuous charity, knowledge from which benefit is gained, and a righteous child who prays for us. Join us in creating a lasting legacy by including IMANA‘s endowment fund in your long-term plans.

When you do this, your legacy gift is managed through ethical (shariah compliant) investments to grow, and earnings from these investments are contributed to IMANA projects to fulfill its mission.

In 2020 a portion of IMANA’s endowment returns will fund:

1. Continuous charity – capacity building grants for organizations and support of free clinics

2. Beneficial Knowledge – scholarship programs and placement and training on AEDs and CPR in places of worship

3. Youth – development of family focused relief missions to plant the seed of love for medical mission work in our children

At IMANA it is all about the lives we touch and the causes we advance. We're humbled to be your choice to carry on your legacy.

Should you have an interest in creating a restricted endowment fund in your name or the name of another for a specific project, please contact Nida Saleem at