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Help further our domestic initiatives in the US

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A glimpse into IMANA’s domestic response

IMANA is dedicated to providing humanitarian and medical relief efforts at home in the United States:
đź’™Partnered with FEMA to launch a COVID-19 Response Mission to the U.S. Virgin Islands which is currently underway
❤️Distributed 50,000 KN-95 masks to 20 hospitals in five states
đź’™Eased the strain on hundreds of families dealing with $1.5 million-worth of medical debts and monthly premiums on health insurance plans

❤️Conducted medical relief missions after the hurricane in Puerto Rico; 11 physician volunteers were dispatched and over 3000 patients were treated. Additionally, 600 food packages were also distributed
đź’™Contributed humanitarian relief supplies following hurricanes and wildfires in New Orleans, Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina, Florida, and California
❤️Provided funds for outreach efforts for HIV and mental health counseling services among Muslim youth. Supported the ISNA StopHunger campaign

đź’™Financially supported psychiatric and psychological counseling services for victims/families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy

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