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IMR has been involved in extending help and assistance to the citizens of Gaza since 2009 when an emergency team traveled to the territory following hostilities that year. It worked side by side with local doctors at Shifa Hospital and was featured by the Associated Press for their heroic work. This was the only medical relief team from the United States to operate in Gaza during the crisis.

Thereafter IMR has remained engaged in Gaza by providing medicines and supplies, including purchase of a Cardiopulmonary Bypass machine, and by facilitating & sponsoring two years long advanced specialty training for 6 young physicians at overseas facilities.

In 2012 an IMR team again traveled to Gaza and performed 46 complex reconstructive surgeries on war victims. Following the 2014 hostilities, IMR immediately dispatched five (5) WHO approved medical kits worth over $50,000, which could cover basic healthcare needs for 50,000 people for up to 3 months. That year we also donated surgical instruments worth $250,000 for Gaza hospitals.

In 2016 IMR supplied medicines worth $50,000 to local hospitals and provided specialized laparoscopic surgery equipment and machines costing $26,700 to Shifa Hospital.

During 2018, IMR procured & delivered critically-needed medicines worth $500,000 to hospitals in the territory. More medicines and supplies worth over $2 million have been procured and shipped there in early 2019.