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Close to 2 million Syrians have been rendered homeless due to the civil war raging in Syria; many are internally displaced refugees while others have moved to neighboring countries. While a small percentage lives in the UN-sponsored camps, the large majority of these people are urban refugees without any access to healthcare facilities. Many of them are elderly, women and children and there is a considerable number of injured people among them.

IMR is one of the few US-based medical relief organizations that has responded to the calls for help. We conduct regular medical relief missions for Syrian, Palestinian & Iraqi refugees, and some needy Jordanian citizens as well, in the environs of Amman, Jordan in collaboration with UMR. Fifteen IMR volunteer teams have traveled there till March this year, treated 23,791 sick people and distributed free medicines. A team visits Amman every other month.

Earlier, in 2014-15, IMR delivered $50,000 worth of medical supplies and 38,550 lbs of food within Syria, in addition to over 2500 winterization packages that included winter coats, blankets, portable heaters and heating fuel, worth over $50,000 for Syrian refugees in Jordan.

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